Piano Playing Topic


For my topic today, I played all of my grade 5 pieces, scales and arpeggios. I have been practicing the pieces for a few weeks, and I will hopefully be taking my grade 5 exam this year.

Every week I take piano classes on zoom, since our teacher couldn’t come to our house because of coronavirus. Zoom classes are quite hard to do because the sound quality is decreased when it is carried over the internet. We decided to use our electric piano to play the teachers voice through and out the piano itself to solve some of the problems.

To make the video, my Dad recorded the different pieces as I played them and I uploaded them to my computer. I selected the ones I wanted to keep and copied them to ACDSee, a video editing software. First, I added a title at the start, and made it go before the first piece. Between every video and at the end, I added a fade to black transition. Also, at the start of the videos I added a caption on the second layer, which had to have a transparent background. Finally, I rendered it as an mp4 (it took a few minutes) and uploaded it to my website. I learned how to create and edit new articles, add links and update the changes.