Rollerblading 100km to support schools

I'm rollerblading 100km to help schools support less fortunate children in education!


My name is Kyden and I am 11 years old in year 6 at primary school.

My new challenge, a physical one this time, is to do something 100 times. I have decided to rollerblade 100km to raise awareness and funds for school to help less fortunate children catch up, after potentially losing up to a year of education during the Covid pandemic.

Home schooling has been challenging for many families.

Please support these children by donating here:

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 Thank you.


The First 10km

The first 10km were the most difficult.  I think my legs and muscles were getting used to all the exercise. I was pretty tired by the end of the day.

20210301   8km   3


I skated 16km today!

I was feeling much better today, especially after my legs had warmed up. I was amazed when I got back home.  Strava showed that my top speed was 46.1km/h.

20210225   16km   3


Roller Tig!

I played Roller Tig yesterday with my Dad. I skated about 5km and it made this scribble on Google Maps.

roller tig

Broke the Speed Limit!

I managed to break the speed limit on my skates! 30 mp/h is just over 48 km/h.

speed limit