Ellel Northwest Tonight News

Tuesday 2nd March
L.I. To write a script for a TV news report.

 Space X


Good evening to you all, my name is Kyden and tonight’s main news is about the SpaceX rocket Endeavor reaching the international space station. The SpaceX rocket is the first ever rocket sent by a private company, run by Elon Musk. This shuttle, launched by the Falcon 9 rocket, left from the same launch pad as the Apollo 11 mission.

The two astronauts on board were Doug Hurley and Robert Behken, and when they were in orbit they named the rocket Endeavour. The SpaceX program has been such as a success that NASA even said they would start using them as a taxi service for their astronauts! The success of the trip is also important for future exploration, such as the Artemis mission to put a woman on the moon.

In the international space station, Doug and Robert met John Chris Cassidy where Doug said ‘We're just happy to be here and Chris is going to put us work. And hopefully we will fit in and not mess too many things up,’ The NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine also said to SpaceX from Houston, ‘The whole world saw this mission, and we are so, so proud of everything you've done for our country and, in fact, to inspire the world,’

I’m Kyden, and this is all of tonight’s news. Goodnight.